Ann Bay lebra pou chanje figi peyi a tout bon!

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It is not surprising that your government cannot function effectively.

The forces that are working against us are both internal and external.

We have taken away the hoes from our peasants and replaced them by cell phones.

It seems to me that we have run out of innovative ways to get out of that mess. It may appear easy for me to say because I am not living in Hati, but we need to make some sacrifices.

It is imperative that your government has efficient policies on soils and water.

If we look at the hydrological cycle, something is wrong with Haiti.

For example, how quickly we have gone from abundance of rain in December 2007 to complete drought in February 2008 is behond immagination.

I am sure, we have young and energetic minds that can help tackle these problems.

It is easy to think that building a few factories will solve our problems.

Nonetheless, no durable and sustainable development can be achieved without sound approaches towards water and soils.

You need to find innovative ways to engage qualified Haitians in the process of sustainably rebuilding their country.

Angelot Louis, April 15 2008, 10:45 PM

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