I think you have apoint in terms of your religious...

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I think you have apoint in terms of your religious fundamentalist perspective.

In your perception everyone in Haiti should serve Jesus.

This is the most out of touch eutopianistic view I have ever heard.

There has never been a monotheistic nation on earth and untill the end Haiti will not fit in that desire of yours.

God does not bless a nation bassed on its goodness but based on His grace.

Do you believe that God has blessed America and the many Nations in the G8?

Or do you believe that God has blessed India, one of the most, if not the most polytheistic nation on hearth?

India is now a rising superpower, have you heard?

You must be one of the backward evangelicals who keeps the people fasting all day all night beating drums while they should be working to feed thewir families.

First of all you need to start doing less praying and do some working to help Haiti.

God did not create you you pray Him everyday, but to have dominion on your environment.This is excatly what you fail to do, help the Haitian people to have dominion and rule their land well.Help them to be prepared to live 100000000 years from now and be prepared to go with Jesus if comes tomorrow.You have to help the nation to understand that God created us to work in harmony and be prosperous in the land He has given to us.If you failled to do those things you have been a bad seed of Haiti and you are a part of its demise.

God love the world He gave His only son to save it. What have you done for Haiti?

just push religious dogma or what?


Also God respect your will so much that he did not bully you into Christianity wihout your will.You need to get your Theology right before you invite Haiti to your church.

Linda is much more realistic than you, if you have taken the time to read her articles, you would have seen that speak for God more than you do. She speak solutions for Haiti, just like Christ would do. But you keep talking and propose nothing.

Change your ways, accept other people 'schoice and collaborate to move the nation forward.

J'en ai mare de la gerontocracy qui quoi toujour que les jeunes sont imbeciles.One need not to have grey hair in order to be wise. Wisedom is not synonimous to ald age. Stop it!

Louinel Jean, April 15 2008, 10:06 PM


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Gabriel Cajour, 15-Apr-08 7:49 pm
I think you have apoint in terms of your religious fundamentalist perspective.In your perception everyone in Haiti... read more >
Louinel Jean, 15-Apr-08 10:06 pm
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Linda, 16-Apr-08 6:55 pm
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Mizeliah, 16-Apr-08 7:58 pm
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Louinel Jean, 16-Apr-08 8:07 pm
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Louinel Jean, 16-Apr-08 8:15 pm
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Linda, 16-Apr-08 11:01 pm
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Louinel Jean, 16-Apr-08 11:25 pm
hi linda sans t'injurier, franchement tu es tres agressive. nous deux aimerions voir briller le soleil de la liberte... read more >
Gabriel, 21-Apr-08 8:12 pm
c'est faux.Jesus seul ne peut changer Haiti.Le peuple Haitien avec l'aide de Dieu peut la changer.I thought you were... read more >
Louinel Jean, 21-Apr-08 10:06 pm
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