ki sa wap fe avek payi haiti

Jc - December 5 2006, 8:45 PM

What are you doing with the county?

i would like to know your agenda.

Is that the way you plan to govern for your five years.

what would you said to your grand children about your 2 term precidency.


it's time to do something, i want to go to my country but i can't cause you those who have so pity for even babies...

about me. how long do we have to be in that situation...

there's got something to be done. children in haiti suffer too much. i hope you change your plan because kidnapping is too much. your administration need to change "fuzil yon" because we can't take that anymore.

come on...

Please thank about your grand children.

What do your vice president means when he wants to negotiate with "bandit" come too much blood ...

can you see...

open your eyes.

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