Prime Minister of Haiti was fired over high cost

Jocelyn Jean - April 15 2008, 12:56 AM

Preval and all the senators know very well that The Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis has nothing to do with high cost of living in Haiti and around the world.

It is clearly a complot of Preval and a hand full of senators who feel uncomfortable with the Prime Minister, because he became popular in the government because he was doing a good job for the country.

Yuri Latortue cannot do his drug dealing since Alexis became PM. He missed the office of the Prime Minister as he was doing a mess out of it with his mistress when Gerard Latortue was there.

As M. Alexis said, there are people who do not want Haiti to progress, they will do anything to see the country backward, so they can profit from the mess to make money.

They are just selfish, criminals who do not give a damm about poor people but using their name to selfish gains.

Abas Preval, Yuri Latortue and all the criminal who do not want Haiti to move ahead.

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