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The president of Haiti needs to work out the economic problems that make 85% of the population get involve in bad actions as well as kidnapping.

To all Haitians, I am not buying you faces, but when i see a Haitian over here in America i usually give that person respect because i know you guys came from in a big country...

I recall back in the days I used to go to Haiti with my mother to sell goods.

The people in Haiti have something that is unique and you can't find it from any body else. The know how to take care of people, their hospitality is extremely wonderful.

Nobody likes to be hungry, nobody likes to be bad and mad. From experience my dear Haitian friends, i can tell you all the Haitian Government can''t do anything for the country.

Therefore it is to you guys to stand up to fight against insecurity and Hunger by doing in the easy way excluding violence and other disaster.

A lot of people would like to go to Haiti to create businesses which will result to job opportunity but there is no way they can possibly do this now. I understand the fact that misery is way to high over there, I also understand that you people are tired of being waiting but what if you guys give bourgeoisie in the foreign countries a chance to invest and create jobs in your country, what if you guys give us a better opportunity to establish the best touristic system in Haiti, would not it be fair enough to ameliorate the misery, would not Haiti be better that the other Caribbean countries.

Please guys work it out make Haiti a better place for us, we cannot help you unless you help yourselves once again please Réné Préval get involve into the foreign economic system, make trades or let America take over Haiti i you wish a best future for your country.

I can see you can't help the Haitian people at all

Jimmy F. Scott Lockwood, April 10 2008, 10:34 PM

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