Jeanne M Dorval

Jeanne M Dorval - April 10 2008, 2:32 PM

Please president Preval I beg you to put the food prices down, i saw with my on eyes on the internet how the people protest, because,the prices of the food so high, they even get kill, cause,they try to defend their rights, even you, when you hungry you know how it is.What about them?

they don't have nobody except god. Thrust me, believe in me, if you put the food prices down, you put the gas prices down, no more kidnappers, you ceate electricity, the people can get care when they go to the hospital they will never do what they doing anymore and why don't you make everybody put their hands together to clean port au prince, don't let them throw garbage on the street and keep port au prince clean.

believe me i'm haitian i feel ashame of myself to see a journalist from channel7 name Calvin hughes showing haiti, how dirty it is and i saw a little boy pick up something from the garbage, and i saw a lady making mud as biscuits to eat when i saw something like that on the news. I cried so much.Not only me watching that every other country looking how dirty is haiti, how bad is haiti.

Nowhere we go they respect us, everywhere we go they treat us like dirt.what how about when they see something like that, we going on looked worser in front of the world.

please president try to do something for the people please i beg you again please do something for them.God will bless you, your family and your power.

I heard you say when the people take the street to protest, cause the prices of the food too high, you said when they going to protest coming and pick you up too.I don't believe on what poeple tell me, sometimes they just heard something and start talking, but, i believe on what you tell me with your own mouth.Did you said that for real, if you did, has a president, i don't think this is a good idea.Cause, when you said something like that, i tought you upset them more. think about it, they already hungry, they think, they will get support from you, cause,you the president and that's the answer they get from you that's the reason why they so upset, if you where on their place, you will do the same cause you hungry.

I told you agin when hungry you know how it is!peace with you, God bless you and have a nice day.

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