How The Government Can Fight Rising Cost of Foods

Bernard Valcourt - April 5 2008, 7:00 PM

Prime Minister Alexis should create a special commission having broad authority over DGI, APN and the next graduating division of PNH. Together they would make one corp to enforce and regulate all food imports.

The corp would institute a fiscal plan that would assess all importation orders before.

Merchants would be required to file a declaration of intent to export using a "pro forma" model that must first clear customs, DGI and the Special Agent in Charge at PNH. Once the declaration has been cleared, an initial tax assessment certificate would be delivered to the merchant, allowing he/she to claim the merchandises at the port. The PNH agent together with DGI agent would review if in the interim of the merchandises clearing customs, if local prices have gone up and by how much. If prices goes up, say by 10%, and its irrational-then a punitive tax should be levied on the merchant for violating the agreement set forth in the original declation of intent to export double the amount of the price increase.

This would have a preemptive effect on the phenomenon of "black market" Because, lets face it if Alexis don't take any action real soon, his government will fail and fall.

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