Preval......Now What?

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Dear Mr. President:

I have myself make the crucial decision in my life by asking friends and family members who live in Haiti to support your candidacy and even vote for you. But now, I am tired of excuses.

I have challenged a lot of people who used to tell me that you are a Mr."Don't Care" or a Mr."Barbancourt 3 etoiles".

But the results of your administration along with the dum works of the incompetent prime minster Alexis make me extremly embarassed to even call these people.

I have given you the benefit of the doubt to show that your first term was destroyed by political opposition.

But now, what are the excuses?

1.Kidnapping becomes a way of life for delinquant teenagers or "Chime".

2.A chronic depression suppressed by a record inflation.

3.An absolute inaptitude to create a force that will protect the Nation frontier against the strong army of the Dominican Republic.

I was even very upset and almost got in a bloody fight with a Dominican recently in New York's restaurant who was trying to convinced me that Haiti does not need an Army or a force because Haiti is being protected by the Dominican Army on the U.N Request.

Is that true, Mr. President?

If you knew and agreed about this. You should be impeached.

4.An extention of the mandate for MUNUSTAH or the U.N.stupid force who resides in Haiti, because they have nothing to do back in their homeland.And they keep enjoying our sun, barbancourt and Cabrit griye.

5.The Electricity is still a luxe to all Haitians.

6. Jean Dominique and others' executition are remained the unsolved lavalas mysteries.

7. Jean Bertrand Aristide and his family are still enjoying the USD 500 million stolen from Haiti.

8.Health Care is still depend on foreign non-profit organizations'help

9.The "Moun Pa" system is still going strong making "Baby Doc" a Hero.

10.The Restavek system is still going strong, making "Papa Doc" a realist.

Mr.President if you are unable to work because of personal problem or a disease whatsoever, we will be more than happy to understand and by respect for our constitution, the parliament can help make a choise of a competent prime minister who will not be "Marc L.Bazin" who is also another imcompetent to help solve at least some of these problems.

Vice007, April 5 2008, 4:53 PM

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