Living Spiritually:Celebrate a Life worth Living

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Living Spiritually means loving yourself and believing enough in God to fully give yourself permission to do extremely well. Struggling may be what your parents did when you were a young, but now as an adult, that has zero to do with you or how you will bring up your kids.
Living Spiritually is loving the process so much that giving up isn't an option.

Because it's the chopping of the wood, the EXPRESSION of the better you that lights your wick, not the fire itself.

Living Spiritually isn't about being rich. That helps, face it, life gives you a ton of more choices with loads of cash than without.

However, the desire is to use money and love people, not the other way around.

Living Spiritually, now gives you a maturity about your life that you didn't have as a child.

You realize that one day, you will die and as you came into this life alone, you will die alone.

You can love as many as you can, as you pass along here. But in the end, this is a solo adventure.

Allow this self-examination I just gave you to bring you POWER.

Robenson Thegenus

Godisinallofus, April 3 2008, 1:39 AM

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