I'm dominican sister, you mean..we are a proud latino country...

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i'm dominican sister, you mean..we are a proud latino country.

even i know latinos are mixed, but who isn't, i mean theres white africans, chinese africans, arab africans and last but not least african american which are mixed with ueropean blood.

but dominicans are proud to be latinos not because of a language, but because other latino countries love our culture.

we share alot similirities with other latin countries.

our neighbor haiti does not have similarities like us. i mean how many hatians want to come to dominican republic, now how many dominicans run to haiti.

is not that dominican feel superior because we are latinos and haiti is not, but we are part of other ethnic group that share our culture and we share theres.

i love been dominican and latina.

i know there afro latinos, but you gotta be born either puerto rico, cuba or dominican republic to be one. is haiti wants to be french its all good. i'm not here to decide want haiti wants to be, just letting them know what there not. i'm follow the name of the forum.

Dominicana, March 31 2008, 11:03 PM

Topic: sir how is haiti a latin country

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Linda, i'm glad you back, please tell him that Haiti i part of Latin America he does not seem to get it. read more >
Soufnantiou, 31-Mar-08 10:40 pm
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Luis, 31-Mar-08 10:41 pm
i'm dominican born and raise, hell no, haitian are not latinos. latino hater or latino wannabe. peaceeeeeeeee... read more >
Dominicana, 31-Mar-08 10:44 pm
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Souf, 31-Mar-08 10:53 pm
so hatians are latino because they speak creolle ( which is not latin language )..so all haitians in haiti only spoke... read more >
Haitian Dude, 31-Mar-08 10:55 pm
i'm dominican sister, you mean..we are a proud latino country. even i know latinos are mixed, but who isn't, i mean... read more >
Dominicana, 31-Mar-08 11:03 pm
haitians are not trying to look like nobody. we are unique, 95% of us are black, since nobody want to be black... read more >
Souf, 31-Mar-08 11:08 pm
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Wilgeens Rosenberg, 31-Mar-08 11:12 pm
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 31-Mar-08 11:22 pm
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Linda, 1-Apr-08 12:10 am
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