you travaye pa ka travay san zouti

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Mr. Preval urge you to cry a little to the world for help. Cry to the people people for help.Cry to your co. governance for help. I read about your plans for Haiti, but it will not take you alone to do the job. Ask your administration and the people to put their hands in the busket.

Like our former President once say "ANPIL MEN CHAJ PA LA" team work will make it happen.

Think to your self, ask yourself, what haven't we try?

Why not try zero tolerance?

it did work. why not reform the militia?

it may work.
why not put orders in custum/duane?

and use the money that are being stolen to built roads and and and and and. Live in MIAMI, I want the Preval administration to ask me to move back to MY ONCE TO BE SWEET HAITI


Papy, November 30 2006, 10:53 AM

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