looking at the flaws 2

Hispanolanoyosoy - March 28 2008, 12:43 PM

Many of the challenges Haiti is facing as a Nation in whole lies deep on their historical lack of effort to put aside differences to learn to work toward one common goal for the sake of the Nation itself.

Naturally it seems, Haitians are not prone to take lightly nor accept criticisms too well. Given the history of Haiti, one can say that it shows the level of laziness of the Haitian people and their Government that explains in what sense such an observation is a reality.

Many would think that, given such a bold historical act and effort by this first black independent republic such as Haiti would have rendered them innate strength to maintain such sovereignty...

In contrary, given the pattern of Haitian Politic and politicians of the Country; one could say that there could not have been a more Coward people since in Haiti's case each and every people in Haiti and politicians are literally in it for their own pockets Not even for fame and glory; because if that was so, then there would have been a certain dynamical competition for every politician to actually want to do for the Country to earn the credit and respect as well as the love of the Haitian people.

Nope, simply greed is the motives every Haitians have in mind.

Every Haitians who could do for Haiti would like to do for Haiti only if they get to live to see and enjoy the successful days of Haiti, not with or for the hope of their children to see it in the future.

Haiti's historical record have shown that there have been no single infrastructural Construction Projects accomplished solely by the Haitian people themselves nor their Government had it not been due to past Colonization and former Foreign Occupations in Haiti.

It seems as though after the well known Haitian revolt and Independence that all this struggle was for the slaves was "A BIG BREAK" they have only been longing for and nothing more.

"Under Dessalines the Haitian economy had made little progress despite the restoration of forced labor.

Conflict between blacks and mulattoes ended the cooperation that the revolution had produced, and the brutality toward whites shocked foreign governments and isolated Haiti internationally.

A lasting enmity against Haiti arose among Dominicans as a result of the emperor's unsuccessful invasion of Santo Domingo in 1805. Dessalines's failure to consolidate Haiti and to unite Haitians had ramifications in the years that followed, as the nation split into two rival enclaves." which is why until even this day, the strong resentments and social conflicts that exist between the two nations are so deeply inflicted by the intense racial divide history of the nations more so than it has anything to do with current day politics.


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