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We know that the Preval Govenment did Denounce the Heritage Lootin that took place under Latortue.

But what was the action taken against such a felony.

Bronze cannons, gold and emerald pieces stolen at certain sites in Ile-à-Vaches: A representative of Sub Sea Research company confirms that these thefts would have never occurred without the complicity of the interim regime, Port au Prince, 27, April 2006 (AHP)

This is a good rational for us to require transparent dealings with the exploration of Gold, coper and silver in the country.

We keep saying that HAITI is the poorest of all, yet we refuse to make serious open discussion on the development potentials of the country.

We refuse to talk about Haiti's potential, we only hear how poor Haiti is,, every day we hear it.

When government officials like Latortue get away with mith mismanagement and questionable behavior, we fail to question the integrity of their leadership and allow them to continue their journey in global leadership as if they were worthy servants of the global community.

some one please undertand what I am talking about.

Louinel Jean, March 25 2008, 5:11 AM

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This is true and fact that they have exploited so much from Haiti which this sell out Latortue gave those people... read more >
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 25-Mar-08 6:00 pm


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