This insane, crowling creature, Patrick Elie, a former...

Fadh - March 25 2008, 4:29 AM

This insane, crowling creature, Patrick Elie, a former minister of that destructive government of this cursed, evil monster and insane Aristide, is appointed to head a commission looking into the creation of a new army..

Instead of spending his energy against this inevitable necessity, he should do something about the insecurity level in Haiti.Why does Prez Preval appoint someone like that to look into the formation of a new army which will provide an outlet for the young havin nowhere to go?

We all know what the defunct army did. It did it to mostly those who have no respect for the rule of laws, and irresp[onsible journalists.

That army was not perfect, so is the american poplice, armed forces and MINUSHTA.The generation born after the departure of Baby Doc knows nothing about that regime except the bad things echoed by a band of irresponsible, alcoholic, corrupt and shameful leaders.This generation is neglected, uneducated, unemployed, yet constantly fed purposeful misinformations and lies by " m a l p r o p t e " like this stupid, incompetent, alcoholic and kidnapper, and papa KK like Mr Elie and other liers who linked all their misfortune on the Duvaliers, and who preffer to be ruled by foreigners who abuse, and kill also our citizen, and in many instances, this so called protective international army stands by and lets the thieves, zenglendos, and kidnappers terrorize the country.

This Papa KK Patrick Elie, former restavek, corrupt Lavalas, now corrupt and irresponsible goverment official swears that the country will not have an army! Alcohol messes up their mind, clouds their judgement and makes them talk "s h i t".I swear, one day the people will be fed up with the polical and economic situation and a new wave of violence will take place.

When they can no longer live in abject poverty, unemployement, and violence, they will rise up against these fake and incompetent leaders who see no farther than the bottom of their alcohol bottle.VIVE LAMEE, VIVE DUVALIER


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