NEW CITIES IN HAITI PART II: Scenarios and more..

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Imagine if Haiti was to start engaging in developing new small Colony like communities and cities, it would turn the dynamic of the Country's Economical situation to a whole new light that the Country would dearly benefit from.

The change of that Dynamic in theological term for Haiti is as simply as 1, 2, 3. However, given the complexity of Haiti's Politics and insecurity; the lack of progressiveness and mentality is the only challenge the Nation faces to embark into such hopeful project.

Because the reality of it all is; it would cost Haiti by far way less than the amount it would require for any kind of infrastructural improvement and repair in or for those already existed cities such as Port-Au-Prince and others like it and the Country is not advanced, not ready nor even prepared for such intense massive reconstruction campaign.

Once again, look at this recent google map of Haiti you will see there are many various parts of Haiti, lands that are not yet inhabited by anyone.

Who are those lands belong to?

Of Course, they belong to the Haitian Government (L'Etat D'Haiti) who are not being pro-active enough on the Country's Development demand.

The development of new cities, town or communities would serve as great boost to the Nation's economical problems as well as it would benefit the Country in many other areas and aspects such as the great possibility for re-industrialization and progression of new businesses to include tourism.

As evidentably and effective, new jobs would be created thus would reinstil consumer confidence spending, saving that would generate a form of Revenue for the Country and for the Country's Banks to start engaging in other investments regional developments.

Haitians who live abroad would gain confidence to want to invest, buy properties and start new businesses.

The prospect of new jobs at those remote areas where new developments are taking place would decrease the congestion of those already over populated major cities given he fact that a major migration shift would take place thus would allow the feasibility for cleaning and re-beautification of those rural and urban areas of major cities such as Port-Au-Prince and others like it. In this new endeavours and building of these new cities or communities, there would be many things to consider and such endeavour would depends on the State (L'Etat D'Haiti) to give land and incentives to prospect new developers, farmers and investors to include tourists who desire to build or own properties in the Country.

For example: Given an investor would to go to Haiti and was given certain amount or piece of land where he would build a sort of gated Apartment Community Complex that within this complex he would or were to build simply a local clinic or mini hospital, a local community school and university; a park and local amusement locations.

In addition to a church and a market place among other necessities a local "Colony like community would need to function properly.

That in within itself already, in a minimal scale and concept, have proven the envisioned success and possibility of a Chain reaction that would take place for other small gated Apartment Community Complexes to be built and would deemed quite lucrative for other people, investors and tourists to want to engage and invest in since for each of those complexes or communities it would require those landlords to higher maintnance crews, staff as well as local security or police officers for those premises since one would imagine that within those cities or Colony like communities Stateand Private Institutions would be created and established such as local Police Stations, Small Courts and Town Halls, Department of Motor Vehicles; Water, Gas and Electrical Companies, Gas Stations and so forth...

it would be only a matter of time before each and every one of those small Colony like, cities and communities start to expand to where Tolls and city limits taxes could be implemented to serve furthermore as gradual revenue to the Haitian Government budgets to re-invest into the Country to pay for other programs and enterprises such as the Country's Agricultural integrity, Re-establishment of the Haitian Armed Forces, Government Educational, Welfare and Assistance programs for its Citizens.

Although many of those possibilities are easier said than done, not impossible.

Nonetheless, it has come to mind and appear that each and every single Haitian living now would like to be witnesses to those changes take place before their eyes now so that they can enjoy those successes themselves instead of actually take part in the Country's developmental stages and phases now for the future of their Children to see and enjoy those changes.

Wilgeens Rosenberg, March 24 2008, 5:28 PM

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