Zu viel Wahnsinn

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Too much madness I mean guys.
I know one can get excited in the political field but Gentlemen we must respect one another.

Manchmal it is hard to do but self restraint and mutual understanding ought to be exercizedat all time. Remember guys there other people other than us Haitians who are reading this site all the way here in Germany.

We at the Ultra National intend tp lead this country will all of you obwohl I said before in this site some people wont be needed because there are some men who just can not go beyond their mesquin interest and see the bigger picture of their fellow men und like Che Guevara said nunca les necessitaremos.

Let me also remind you guys where I am here in Germany we can locate every email, every internet address with the great german technology we have at our disposition.

I said recently on this site when we reurn to Haiti we can solve the insecurity problem in 90 days and we mean it
Nous soutenons la creation d'une garde nationale capable de proteger les interets de la nation
Yves Lonmaren
Republique Federale d'Allemagne

Yves Lonmaren, November 28 2006, 8:02 PM

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