haiti my country phonomenal.

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My Quisqueya, My Bohio.

By Wilgeens Rosenberg

My land full of mystery,
Her culture and rich tradition.

Where smiles of several faces
Undoubtedly have her story to tell...

Haiti my Country Phenomenal,
My Bohio.

My pride though in misery,
Her contoured heart in humiliation
Yet she kept our miles of African traces
That were and are never for sale...

Haiti my Country Phenomenal,
My Quisqueya.

PS: "This nation, our Country and our land that from now on belongs to us. The grave before the chains" cried the black founding father of the new Republic.

youtube.com/v/eOlSTsu7BS4&hl=e... However, many have yet to understand the phenomenon of Haiti and her people.

When freedom needed a voice to scream, Haiti yelled.

When eyes needed teardrops, Haiti gave her blood.

The 1804 third generation of astonishing slaves told to ought to have been primitives and thought of as less than humans made civilization before the blinks of eyes surely the embarrassment in the eyes of suppressors grew to resentments as they vowed and manipulated for her demise and threatens her Sovereignty till this day into the 2008th year of this known World, waiting to see Haiti's last dying days. Still she stood, though weary and frail and at the verge of what seems to be her last days like a caged tamed Lion that grew restless and tiresome.


No one would ever have came to believe the existence of pearls if they were told where pearls are found.

More-the-most, there, was Haiti before there was ever a Hispaniola, she was Hayti.

In a world where languages are known to take billions of years to be created, learned and spoken and of the many to be considered today lost and forgotten; Haiti had hers before the Caravelles came yet formed another one in way less than a century.

The inexplicable bafflement and still a wonder to the rest of the scientific world to grasp.


When others have asked of signs of hope and a dreamy salvation, rather Haiti have given them physical inspiration instead and exemplary reality, the works.

Today she suffers for all their liberty, their freedom.

Freedom held no beacon to be flourished "Until She Spoke" admitted old Frederick Douglas.

In Haiti's arms many warriors took refuge long before they were able to have stood against atrocity and tyranny themselves and they have sent back their own swords to her praise and later betrayed her, yet she asked nothing of greed and of wealth but the liberation for all, so says the fact of recorded history and the ungrateful Simon Bolivar.


In hearts of many and those who believe Africa is the motherland would sincerely say and many could agree well and fully that Haiti, She is the great Aunt" as Poets have stated Phenomenal She Is. All of what once of her majestic splendor, today as much less she lies in despair as like the ruins of Old Atlantis was once of grandeur, fame and now, yes...


Yet still you are...

HAITI my Quisqueya, my Bohio (Boyo); my Country phenomenal.


Este Muro Detrás Estamos ocultar...

Por Wilgeens Rosenberg

Entre usted y yo,
Es este muro.
Un resentimiento ante nuestros ojos,
Una vergüenza para el mundo.

Detrás de este muro es usted y yo.
No es usted o yo sola,
Pero todo lo que grosero y agradable
Es porque nunca se entienden.

Entre usted y yo,
En la actualidad hay muchos secretos.

Así son las tintas de nuestro orgullo combinado
Nuestros pasados que pueden tener muchos lamenta.

Pero detrás de esta muro es usted y yo.
Nuestras glorias y vergüenza.

El amor y el odio que ocultar,
Pero todavía las preocupaciones son las mismas.

Con este muro, que sólo ocultar Hispanola.


This Wall Behind We Hide...

by Wilgeens Rosenberg

Between you and I,
There is this wall.
A resentment before our eyes,
An embarrassment to the world.

Behind this wall is you and I.
Not you or I alone,
But all that is mean and nice
Is why we never get along.

Between you and I,
There are now many secrets.

So are inks of our combined pride
Our pasts which may have many regrets.

But behind this wall is you and I.
Our glories and shame.

The love and hatred we hide,
But still the worries are the same.

With this wall, we hide only Hispaniola.

Wilgeens Rosenberg, March 19 2008, 9:18 PM

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