OK Rubens you are right. My father do not even want to hear...

Lionne - March 19 2008, 2:30 PM

OK Rubens you are right.

My father do not even want to hear anything about Haiti, and Haiti is a dead issue with my mother.

I gather that someone or something have hurt them or their friends or other family members really bad for them to be that way. They do not wish to talk about it. Claude and Lionne2 were born in Haiti but were raise in the USA we are not related.

The other two lionnes were born in other countries from Haitian parents.

In my family alone some members of the older generation came from other countries and none of the new generation were born in Haiti.

Where am I going with this?

Haiti and Haitian history is not a priority in my family.

The Korean, Canadian, French, Gabonaise, European-American, Latinos and other Caribbeans who are in the family are more interested in teaching their progenies, their own culture and their own history.

I do not know yet who I am going to marry not a Pakistany Muslim or Somali or from Turkey, thats for sure. I had a couple of those in the family it all ended disastrously.

So I do appreciate any intricate information you can share from the books that you have read since I do not have access to them. I have not been to England yet, one of my cousin's live there I might go there next christmas, but the last time I was in France or Spain a library was the last thing on my mind. I spent most of my time with a tour group going to the museums, castles and other tourist spots.

So don't hug the info OK. One of our members asked you about the 21 questions?

You have not answered yet. I think you annoyed Claude, he decided to stay clear of Haitian history.

I was the one who posted the longer version of Christophe and Petion's history.

Have a nice day.

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