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Rubens what is your problem with Petion?

Can you accomplish in your era with all the resources that Haiti has at its disposal not to forget all those Millions from the international community half of the things that Petion accomplished?

What budget are you talking about here?

The economy was in shamble, there was no jobs, no education, most of the plantations and cities and towns were burned.

Ambargo, slavers, piracy, war ships abound.

Give me a break dud. Claude only presented a brief synopsis of Haiti's history on the blog. Are you one of those Haitians who studied TOUSSAINT DESSALINE AND CHRISTOPHE to death sort of speak and not much about the other leaders.

Boyer for instance had to deal with serious crisis and Geffrard developed primary and secondary schools for the masses.

Tell me what did Aristide the tall version of ET and his designated successor have accomplished so far. How many schools and universities have they built.

Have they even tried to curb the inflation in Haiti at all?

They inherited a Haiti that is in much better shape than the one that Petion or Dessaline or Christophe or Boyer had inherited.

What is this comment really about?

""La distribution de terres de Petion a precipite l'Ouest dans une stagnation economique et un deficit budgetaire sans precedent""?

sans precedent?

Dud give me a break here. How was the peasant supposed to survive if it was not with subsistence farming.Who were they going to sell their products to with the embargo?

The peasants revolted against Dessaline and Christophe for those close to slavery work decrees.

They toiled while your Christophe live opulently from their sweat blood and tears don't you think.

I doubt that he and any of the members of his family and his court had to work hard for their opulent lifestyle.

When are you guys going to learn dictatorship just doesn't in the long run. When people have enough the dictator has to either run for his life or die.

Lionne, March 18 2008, 7:23 PM

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