Nothing Unique about Mulattos on Earth

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Hi, Lionne, mulattos or biracial offsprings are just homo sapiens species just like their parents with a combination of features from both at different proportions.

Curiously, in the video they only show the pretty, sexy, & slender biracial ones! I guess it's all about hype and image! It's never about the whole truth anymore.

To begin with, there is no race on the face of this earthly planet; race is a political invention- there is no biological basis for race. Stop using the word "race".

Certainly, Haiti being a former french colony, being that the Frenchmen enjoyed raping the bigbooty Dahomey black women, we ended up with a distinctive group people whose shades of skin complexion range from sacatra to griffe to marabou to quarteron to metis and so forth...

Being that the French had their Code Noir classification policies in effect during colonization, and considering that the french fathers recognized most mulattos as their legitimate children and educated nearly half of them, the mulattos have become indeed an ethnic group within Haiti thru no fault of their own. So far so good. The issue, however, for the black majority is the treachery of this new mulatto group, their lack of committment overall toward the betterment of Haiti.

Before being a biracial mulatto, you are a Haitian.

The black majority is appalled at the idea the mulatto/elite seems to have it backward and therefore is ready to betray the ideals of the 1804 revolution.

23 educated mulattos signed the declaration of independence "to renounce forever to France or die".

Guess who made contact with the French general Ferrand in late 1806 across the border, consequently violating the declaration of independence: Petion, Gerin, Boyer, Ardouin all mulatto rulers of the West and South, ready to toss up the liberty earned at a terrible cost of dark skin black lives instead of compromising with Henry Christophe.

In truth, the elite mostly mulatto never lived up to the ideals of the independence they helped achieved.

In 1843 after 37 years of mulatto rule, Haiti has nothing planned for the posterity, absolutely nothing but a huge debt menacing the country's future.

The hard reality is that not all biracial brown Haitian people are educated and wealthy and not all the Haitian members of the elite are brown either.

But more importantly, the stastistics on the current Haitian population of 95% direct african descendent and 5% mulattos mixed blood are seriously inaccurate and even misleading.

The problem is that the foreign stastisticians researched Port-au-Prince, Petionville and CapHaitien, took a sample of the population there and deducted a conclusion, ignoring the deep mountain population where whole communal sections are populated with nothing but Haitians of mixed ancestry.

The German settlers of Bombardopolis mixed with the general population; polish soldiers became Haitian citizen after 1804 although most went back to Europe ect...

I dont care if you are brown or black.

or polka dot Haitian; all I care about is your patriotism or lack thereof!

welcome to the revolution
" An army can be resisted by not an idea whose time has come"

Rubens F. Titus, March 18 2008, 3:30 AM

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