La Rep. Dominicaine fait un autre pas/Gros-Mornes

Gros-mornes Gonaives - March 10 2008, 11:18 PM

Rubens Titus,
What a precious asset you continue to be for our country!
What's a balanced answer to orchestrate against such a disturbing post written by Mr Philips; a post that has illustrated no less than the dangerous rifts that exist in our Haitian society.and that Mr Philips ridiculously wants to promote.

I have learned a lot from this blog. We need to continue to stick around.

Maybe our patriotic flame will eventually engulf many hearts and transform many self-made enemies into friends.

We have to continue the passionate struggle and keep alive the dream for a better country.

This is a cause worth fighting for.
It is evident that the challenges are exceptionally daunting; so much is cooking!
However, we need to remain cautiously optimistic! Patriotism and love will eventually prevail over bitterness, treason and hate that have plagued so viciously our country.


La Republique Dominicaine fait un autre pas

Pendant que nous nous enveloppons dans notre misere, notre voisin ne perd pas son temps.Ils avancent avec le...

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