Mr Phillip. Obviously we are on opposite side of the spectrum...

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Mr Phillip.

Obviously we are on opposite side of the spectrum.

We agree to disagree.

You're still throwing insults so this cannot be a fruitful discussion.

I am grateful to my parents for raising me right and making the sacrifices that they made. However, my parents are staunchly patriotic Haitians who always encourage me to think selflessly and put Haiti's future first because they believe being a Haitian comes first, being their child comes second.

For your information, the state of Haiti subsidized almost all schools in Haiti except St. Rose de Lima and the American Union School for decades since around the years of President Geffrard, however small the subsidy may have been. So technically speaking, all Haitians who attended grammar schools, high schools, vocational schools, and universities in Haiti not only at one point in time benefited from public fundings but also owe a lasting recognition to the state of Haiti, the land of their ancestors.

What have you done lately for Haiti?

is my question to you.
Apparently, you have a doctrine based on prejudice and ethnic seperation.

I thought there is no biological basis for race but you seem to think there is one. Where ever your great great grandparents came from is irrelevant; the heart of the matter is they immigrated to Haiti (if you are a Cuban-Greek-Black Haitian), a free nation created by black people.

If your great great parents found refuge in Haiti (Haiti being a very welcoming place for all immigrants...) and did better for themselves in Haiti when I suppose they couldn't do better for themselves back where they come from then the least you could do is have some respect for the black Haitians of Haiti.

The Haitian government is no more mine than it is yours.

Check out your birth certificate and your passport In reality, the black majority of Haiti never got anything from past Haitian governments contrary to your opinion, the only groups that benefited from those multitude of Haitian governments are the elite and the upper middleclass ( Salnave, Boisrond Canal, all the governments contracts under Hyppolite went to the elite...not to mention 30 years of elite/mulatto supremacy under the watchful eye of the bold eagle and so forth..Check out Lyonel Paquin class and color politics in Haiti or better yet check you the March 26,1930 american report on Haiti).

Haiti is and has always been an oligarchy.

So what you call my government is actually a government at your service, the elite minority.

My great great Dahomey big dadda grand'mothers did not sleep with French planters; they were raped and if they get a miscarriage, they got a vicious whip. Few ever consent to sexual relationships with the French men.
The product of a Frenchman and a black african woman is a black person.

And the French never accepted that person as his equal.

So if you are ashamed of something it would have to be your caucasian side and embrace instead your black side because that's where your very freedom comes from, the black side.You can waste your time into all kind of self-prejudice of shades of color and all that nonsense.

but for me, I am black and I am proud.

Yes, the blacks may have killed a few too many people in the elite over the course of Haitian History and there is never any justification for taking a life. However, one can argue that the elite mostly made of mulattos never seem to renounce forever to France like it is clearly stated in the declaration of independence a declaration signed by 23 educated light skin blacks from the elite at that time. I will try to do for myself if you stop bankrolling coup-d'etat and destabilizing your own country.

Until then,

Peace and love
Welcome to the revolution

Rubens F. Titus, March 10 2008, 8:17 PM

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Mr Phillip. Obviously we are on opposite side of the spectrum. We agree to disagree. You're still throwing insults so... read more >
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