Mr. Deslaurent. You started your essay with ad hominem...

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Mr. Deslaurent.

You started your essay with ad hominem comments toward my person therefore I am not dignifying you with a reply.

Since this is an open forum, I will say this much. I am not interested in personal attacks; that won't get Haiti nowhere.

History is not about ugliness or even beauty; history is about facts.

Certainly there were events in Haitian history that most Haitians may not be proud of today.

But sweeping certain historical events under the rug is not going to help one bit. We all need to study our history, analyze it, discuss it, and deduct conclusions.

And that is the only way this current generation of Haitians can face its own demon and discover the true faces of Haiti's enemies.

I am fully aware of the life of Toussaint Louverture; no one said it was an angel but he's remembered for his legacy as a great leader and a visionary.

To refute your argument that "Toussaint got what he deserved", Toussaint confided to American Ambassador Andrews that he will declare Haiti independent but he's waiting for the right moment, he's waiting for the French to make a mistake.

The French mistake, as we all know, was the plan to reinstate slavery.

So Toussaint, in his great wisdom, calculated well; the people he massacred miscalculated.

You also said "Toussaint ordered Dessalines to massacre his own countrymen".

This argument at the times of Toussaint is a moot point.

There was no country of Haiti when Toussaint was alive so what you consider to be his countrymen were actually strangers to him. Haiti evolves almost as three seperate nations up until the American occupation of 1915. When it comes to your mentioning of Toussaint's many illegitimate children, since I aint no anthropologist, I say Haiti is no stranger to concubinage and unfortunately it is an heritage that the Haitian men have kept from the elite all the way down to the poor.
"Illeterate Christophe " you said but I am very proud of him; I am not in the business of disrepecting my ancestors who sacrificed their lives to leave us liberty.

Since the French never intended to show their black slaves how to read and write, I certainly forgive Christophe for being an illeterate.

This illerate Christophe made the North progress economically and educationally.

although under tyrannical conditions I must admit, while the South under the mulatto rules was falling into economic despair.

Balthazar Inginac, a great mulatto man, did what he could to wawe off corruption in the goverment but the forefather mulatto Alexander Petion boasted " All men are thieves".

I welcome opposing views but I will put forward a firm argument.

That's what you call a debate.

It is my prerogative as a fellow Haitian to convince my fellow brothers and sisters this is the direction we should go.
Let us spill the beans; let us put all of Haitian history outthere and something wonderful will happen among the people: we will all begin to agree with each other.

"Whomever ignores history is doomed to repeat it " are the words of a wise man.

It's not about what degree you have; it's about what have done lately for Haiti
It's not about what language you speak; it's about how you communicate to a fellow Haitian
It's not about the success of the elite; it's about what is their legacy
It's not about being illeterate; it's about what is your contribution to Haiti
It's not about the grade level of the people; it's about higher aspiration
It's not about you; it's about Haiti's future

Mr. Laurent welcome to the revolution

Rubens F. Titus, March 8 2008, 3:12 AM

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