Mr Wilgeens Rosemberg, Thanks a lot for your precious...

Gros-morne Gonaives - March 3 2008, 6:56 PM

Mr Wilgeens Rosemberg,
Thanks a lot for your precious suggestions.

It is now known to most of us that the army is not the cure for our problem.

Haiti is now facing many different challenges that do not require military solutions.

We understand that your ambition is to one day train the Haitian Army. I hope this sorry wish never materialize in your life time.
In addition, I remember that somebody from this blog has carefully done the math for you just to demonstrate the shortcomings surrounding your idea of resurecting the Haitian Army. The cost of maintaining the army was astronnomically disproportonate to our budget.

However, it implies that your project for the army can not be tied to reality.

Now my understanding is that your agenda must be complied with, even when it is not compatible top the country's interest.

You can still be given the choice of sending that check for the budget of that army or you can start putting that agenda to rest.
Haiti may be suffering, but do not try to offer a cross as the remedy!


Force Armee D'haiti

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