Important to haitian president

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I'm an haitian living out of Haiti.

First of all i want to greet Mr. Preval and all is team in Haiti who are trying to pull up haiti from worst to bad. So my message purpose here, is to let you all know about some situation i noticed all over the world.

Actually there're all around this world, haitian studying different carreer that a country needs to get involved.

Of course the haitian stated should have pay for someone study in order to oblige that person to get back to work in haiti.

But i think that if you let people that have money not the "kokorat ak kob ki la yo" to get into the haitian market as you did for digicel, i bet you that there will be more money running all the country, more employement, and lot of haitian that live out of Haiti, will be please to get back to there country like me. Epi anpil baton, anpil edikasyon ak tafya de vandredi a dimanch..

Josny, March 3 2008, 10:33 AM

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