Haiti: Aid from Venezuela and Cuba

Ti Maurice - March 3 2008, 1:42 AM

What is the Preval/Alexis administration doing with all the money they received from foreign Aid: Where are the results."" Haiti has benefited in a rather solid economic partnership with Venezuela.

This recently-forged friendship between Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and Haitian president Rene Preval has resulted in various economic agreements.

After a visit by Chavez in March 2007, Venezuela and Cuba announced a $1 Billion fund to develop energy, health, and infrastructure in Haiti.

As part of this deal, 4 power plants will be constructed in Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien, and Gonaives, increasing the country's power production by 160 MW by the end of 2007. An oil refinery will also be constructed in Haiti, with a production capacity of 10,000 barrels of oil per day. In the meantime, Venezuela has increased the amount of petroleum it provides Haiti to 14,000 barrels per day, at the same terms afforded to ALBA member countries - these terms are more favorable than the Petrocaribe terms.

Venezuela's assistance to Haiti is founded upon a historic act where the newly-independent Haiti welcomed and tended to first Francisco de Miranda, then to Simón Bolívar and provided both with military assistance in the liberation of much of South America.

Haiti's Latin American alliance provides the country with much of its foreign aid.[citation needed] Cuba has thanked Haiti for consistently voting in the United Nations General Assembly against the embargo put upon Cuba by the United States.""

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Lionne says...

Haiti would benefit by telling goodbye to those French altogether and change the National Language to Spanish. All... more »

Lionne says...

This is one word that makes me see RED every time it is mentioned."Francophonie": "Permettre aux Haitiens de conforter... more »

Rubens F. Titus says...

Lionne, I doubt very much Haiti is capable of getting rid of the French again unless you know a magical way to do so... more »

Lionne says...

Why did the Haitians agreed to pay the French amything in the first place. We won the war. Most of their soldiers met... more »

Rubens F. Titus says...

Lionne, the Haitian forefathers had absolutely no choice but to agree to the terms of the independence debt in 1825... more »