Our Generation have challenges to overcome.

Jean Murat Dantilus - February 26 2008, 6:46 PM

yet our misery overweight our glory.

This question is for all haitian.

would you let them reembark you in a boat to africa?

if not it time to recognize that haiti is our land. the government need to know that it is time to cut all unnecessary expenses such as cabinet that has no current use for the people and create a robust voluntary emergency releif program to aliviate hunger, create a workforce preparation program whereas people can go to offices in their quartier to submit their resume and apply for what they qualify for. We, the West Indies Heritage Foundation is already begin to open local office in different commune in the country to help. please join us.

Contact us at www.jdantilus at yahoo.com

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Rubens F. Titus says...

Mr. Dantilus, if your vision includes waiting for the current Haitain government to wake up one day and start cutting... more »