Preval : No plan for Haiti

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People are asking Preval to speak out. People think the President is slow moving.

People actually are considering Haiti like a ship waiting to be capsized.

There is no captain on board.

Insecurity has reached its highest peak. Cite soleil, Solino, Ti Bois, Grand Ravine, Martissant, Fontamara belong to the criminals.

There is no official authority or will to restore order.

The President instead of using the legal power confered to him by the Constitution to curb violence chose to waste the scarce resources of the country by giving huge sum of money to the gang leaders.

Nobody gives something for nothing.

He is a smart politician.

He will get the returns of his investment in 2011 when his chosen successor will be elected to the Presidency by the gangs.

Meanwhile He will do nothing to improve the well being of the Haitian population: there are no jobs in the country, everybody is just thinking about living: boat people to Florida or crossing the border with the Dominican Republic.

There is no potable water.

There is no electricity.

Camep, ED'H are dysfunctional.Who cares?

The capital (Port-au-Prince) is a city of garbage.

Who cares?

Children are dying from diarrhea, malnutrition, malaria, tuberculosis.

Who cares?

Preval can not speak.

He has no plan for Haiti.

He is an agronomist.

Ask him how is going to deal with deforestation, soil protection and food production.

The situation is really serious.

It is the time for everybody to think clearly and express their views with civility and respect.

It is not the time to make fun of someone for his or her opinions.

Haiti deserves to see all its sons and daughters involved in a large debate and to come up with ideas that can be part of National Plan of Development.

Let's forget about Preval.

He is not going to do anything to improve the situation.

His first presidency was an example of ignorance, authoritatism, despotism and mismanagement.

Let's start planning for 2011 by opening the eyes of the Haitian People so that they can stop wasting their votes.

Trebu Patriote, November 22 2006, 1:13 AM

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People are asking Preval to speak out. People think the President is slow moving. People actually are considering... read more >
Trebu Patriote, 22-Nov-06 1:13 am


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