I will continue blaming the foreign powers (international...

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I will continue blaming the foreign powers (international country?

say what?) for isolating, embargoing, stigmatizing, and suffocating for over 200 years this freedom fighting proud first black nation our ancestors call Haiti - land of high mountains.

I will stop blaming them when :
1. The French apologize for sending a 22,000 + men armada to restore slavery when they themselves abolished it, starting an unnecessary war of attrition that devasted Haiti.

2. The Jefferson descendants apologize for aiding the French restore slavery and kick-starting the international diplomatic embargo on Haiti
3. They return to Haiti the Henry Christophe money saved in a Baltimore bank
4. The French refund the 120 (180 - discount of 60) millions francs independence debt.
5. The French admit how many merchant vessels they blockaded in the 1800's from reaching the seaports of Haiti.

6. The Vatican apologizes for siding whith the devil and embargoing the freedom seeking young Haiti.

7. The German refund the June 1872 L$3000 british pound stolen from from Haiti.

8. The American apologize for ferrying back to Haiti Haitian exiles in March 1883 to overthrow president Salomon, one of Haiti's ablest and most qualified president.

9. The German merchants in Haiti apologize for financing almost every revolution, insurrection, and coup d'etat since 1863
10. They refund the 3.5 millions paid by Haiti for the Haitian National Railroad that they never completed.

11. The Americans explained why they stated in their march 1930 report that Haiti, a country under their occupation, will always be an oligarchy unless the majority is educated only to turn around and admit in the same report that the goal of the occupation was not to educate the Haitian people.

12. The Americans refund the $500,000 in gold removed from the Haiti National Bank in 1915
12.1 The American occupants shed light on how Haiti ended up owing $5millions to uncorroborated claims by foreign carpetbaggers in 1918.
13. When the Haitians ge reparations for eradicating Haitian pigs and plunging the Haitian peasants into despair and a massive rural exodus toward Port-au-Prince.

14. Yes, I will stop blaming when I get my f$%^(#king money back
Thank you.

Rubens F. Titus, February 24 2008, 11:56 PM


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