Rosenberg Let's NOT open OLD cans of Worms!

Luc - February 23 2008, 7:11 PM

Rosenberg let us be friends and not start a religious war nor open very old cans of worms on this blog. There are millions of people who would disagree with you concerning the original inhabitants of Palestine now Israel.

None of that has anything to do with Haiti.

Howerver Palestine now Israel has changed rulers numerous times throughout its history.

As far as the old testament and part of the judeo-christian bible is concerned: Most of those stories were plagiarized from much older civilizations.

Maybe you can start a research to satisfy your own curiosity with the epics of Gilgamesh 2,600 BC, like the Ancient Sumerian flood story from which the Jewish story of Noah and Genesis derived from. The story of Moses derived from the much older story of Sargon.

The story of Adam is from the much older story of Adamu from Sumeria now Iraq and so on and on. Anyway Abrams who became Abraham and Sarai who became Sarah were originally from Iraq were they not?

The Jews were nomads before they migrated and founded their own civilization.

Its quite interesting stuff.

All recent evidence indicate that those stories were plagiarized from much older civilizations.

The ten commendments came straight from the Egyptian book of the dead 3000BC.

Imagine, no flood, no convenent, no chosen people, no ten commendments, no passover because the story itself is false, although I do not dispute the fact that when the Jewish population flourished in Egypt a certain Pharoah whose name escapes me made slaves out of them. So please do some more research before posting such comments on this blog.

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