My friend, I am what I consider myself as a...

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My friend,

I am what I consider myself as a "Dominican-Haitian-Jew" by my own findings and records whom is in the US ARMY now as a SPC (spcialist) in training to become an Officer.

Yes, PFC means Private First Class and yes, one would have to unfortunate or fortunatelly give up their dual Citizenship to become a US ARMED FOCES OFFICER.

My friend, my salutations to your father.

Give him my many Hooahs!!!

My goal is to one day make it into either US Congress, or a function near that arena or the UN. However my childish dream has always been and still is to become a FILMMAKER.

My other greater cause is to start foundations both private and public as well as would my foundations be non-profit which would help many impoverish countries, to begin with and mainly focus on HAITI base on all aspects of whatever and all careers I may hold.

My first organization or foundation would consist of building and rebuilding efforts engaging in the reconstruction of HAITI physical infrastructure.

To detail, I am speaking of Modern Housing complexes and Communities, Urban and Rural (roads, transit system) improvments, Parks and Recreations thus later Tourism.

My second would consist of the reconciliation of the whole Island to educate them to learn to co-exist fro the greatest prosperity of Hispanola as a whole.

Thus would involve many diplomatic efforts of both Nations.

Whichis why I am, under that premise coming up with various groups such as DHA: Dominican-Haitian Alliance, HAJ: Hispanolanos Ahora Juntos to help defuse the social differences between the two, amongs other organizations of which I would create or work with and seeking sponsors for Nationally and Internationally.

Third, which I think should have been first due to its forcasting struggle would be engage in Congressional diplomacy in the US with the progression in ranks I will earn to ask for an Envoy to start the HAITIAN Military Growth and Expansion by building bases around the provincial and less urban areas such as L'ile De La Tortue, Mole Saint Nicola, La Gonave and other distant remote location where Naval, Marines and Airforce bases can be built.

Also where military training can be at remote location to function and not in the or only congested reach of Port-Au-Prince alone.

Thus this move is to o become legitimatelly a training force for HAITI's future Leaders to have a greater sense of pride for country as well as it would serve as an alternative for Educational and betterment of many youths in HAITI to have an option in continuing their education thus would assist them in providind for themselves, families through service.

Lastly, I plan on using my film format to promote the image of HAITI abroad and domestic to influence many mediums.

Reaching out to many other countries to come invest in Haiti which by fact its market is a virgin one which is susceptible to many success I believe.

I figure, if I am going to dream, I may as well dream big. That is the Odacity of Change I have for HAITI.

To many other HAITIANS I ask this question: What is your excuse?

Wilgeens Rosenberg, February 20 2008, 4:49 PM

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Lionne, 20-Feb-08 4:28 pm
My friend, I am what I consider myself as a "Dominican-Haitian-Jew" by my own findings and records whom is in the US... read more >
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 20-Feb-08 4:49 pm
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Wilgeens Rosenberg, 20-Feb-08 5:26 pm
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Zandolit, 22-Feb-08 10:55 am
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