aristide is a traitor so as baby doc

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Aristide fortune is estimated at 800,000,000 US Dollars.

Instead of going after a couple of million dollars that Baby Doc might have in some Suisse bank accounts (I am sure he has several hundreds of millions dollars in off shore accounts that no one can get to) Why not go after Aristide instead.

Where did Aristide get all this money?

His salary and book deals would never amount to that kind of cash flow. Preval should make his friend Titide return half of that money back to Haiti and use it to build some schools, roads, hospitals.

Trying to get a couple of millions from Jean-Claude is laughable.

The entire Duvalier family have at least a couple of billions that PapaDoc looted out of Haiti.

How much money do Preval and those in Power have already in their bank accounts.

I am sure that they are all multi millionaires by now. Someone is pulling our legs on this blog.

Moins Ta Fout Nous Yon Coup De Pied Bande De Menteurs, February 15 2008, 1:41 PM

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