Insecurity in Haiti: a government policy?

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Many people are starting to think that the absence of security in Haiti is a government policy designed either in accordance with western powers or at least with their tacit approval.

The latest wave of "terroristic" behaviours, the indiscriminate kidnapping of Haitian citizens for ransom, bear a strong coincidence with the arrival in power of the republican president George Bush. Under former president Bill Clinton, Haiti never faced such problems.

What is more appalling is the absence of a concerted plan to deal with the problems from the actual government.

In December, the president had to ask the bandits to give the country a chance to celebrate the year-end festivities.

What a joke!

Some will say that there is insecurity in every country.

If it's indeed true that random acts of violence exists everywhere for a certain period of time, it is also evident that the persistence of this situation in Haiti and the absence of a will to eradicate the problem look suspiciously as a desire to maintain a given policy.

Thousands of police officers and foreign troops, unable to maintain order in an area only a few square miles, a handful of known bandits apprehended and released countless times and you have the scenario for an enormous comedy being played at the expense of the haitian people.

The haitian people should demand the head of the police chief, the interior minister and the prime minister.They should ask their elected officials (senators and deputies) to give these people six months to clean up the country or else.
We should let them know that we are tired of this policy of intimidation.

They can't kidnap us all!

Grogrenn, February 15 2008, 10:15 AM

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