Mimi, You and I are on the page on this issue. If I may...

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Mimi, You and I are on the page on this issue.

If I may elaborate a bit. We need to rid our country of shanty towns.


Because image is everything.

I coul never comprehend why past governments had plan to embellish such an unhospitable place as Cite Soleil! Anyway, we cannot just solely focus on Cite Soleil since there are lots of other shanty towns around the country.

We always need a national public housing plan, that way, all Haitians from anywhere and everywhere inside Haiti would feel they're not being forgotten.

I like the idea of developping suburbs outside medium size town like Leogane or state funded public buildings inside major cities like Port-de-Paix, Jeremie.

But we have to concern ourselves with the lack of resources available to the Haitian government at this time. Government assistance in Haiti is a touchy subject: " On n'a pas les moyens" " We do not have the resources" is what they'll tell you. So private investment is the only option.

However, the state of Haiti can provide government loan guarantees to private investors.

Loan guarantee is an assurance not an assistance.

In other words, the state of Haiti does not have to put out any money.

Make no mistake about it, the state of Haiti did guarantee loans for private investments in the past long time ago. It's just the terms were never in Haiti's favor.

So Haiti came out the looser big time.
There is a master plan in the works for mother Haiti.

You can contribute if you wish. Just keep in touch.


Rubens F. Titus, February 11 2008, 8:08 PM

Topic: Development of City Soleil

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Mimi, You and I are on the page on this issue. If I may elaborate a bit. We need to rid our country of shanty towns... read more >
Rubens F. Titus, 11-Feb-08 8:08 pm
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Soufnantiou, 13-Feb-08 2:00 pm
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Linda, 13-Feb-08 3:59 pm
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Soufnantiou, 13-Feb-08 5:08 pm
I,recently read something regarding Cite Soleil is to be RECONSTRUCTED with VENEZUELAN MONEY!! Does any know of such... read more >
Jacques Bouchereau, 17-Feb-08 5:09 pm
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 17-Feb-08 5:54 pm
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