Black Africa Nubia Ancient Kingdoms and Pyramids

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The black pharaohs, ruled over a mighty empire stretching along the Nile Valley 2,500 years ago.The Nubians were powerful and wealthy kings who controlled large territories along the Nile.
Their land was known as the Kingdom of Kush.They controlled the valuable trade routes along the river but were eventually conquered by their neighbors from the north.The Egyptians were not content with simply conquering Kush.They also wanted to obliterate the memory of the black pharaohs and their unique culture from the face of the earth.

Archaeologists from the University of Geneva discovered a pit full of large monuments and finely carved statues of the Nubian kings known as the black pharaohs in Northern Sudan.Fore more reading go
1.Birth of the "primitive Negro" Myth.
2.Ancient Africa's Black Kingdoms
3.Ancient Sudan

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