on 9/11 dick cheney cia were running drills

Lionne - February 8 2008, 2:26 PM

Those drills were planes attacks on World Trade Center and The Pentagon.

NORAD WAS ADVISED TO "STAND DOWN" which is military Jargon not to take action because it was supposed to be a drill.,In fact there were 15 excercices going on that same morning..

Those drills turned into reality authorized by those in Power.

The end justified their means.Able warrier is anti-terrorism game. In Able Danger double agents are used to simulate terrorist attacks, They were probably United States assets.

There is no such thing as coincidences of that magnitude.

Steel cannot burn with jet fuel.Many believe that there were bombs in those buildings and it was a controlled demolition.Videos: .9/11 Coincidences (Part Eight)9/11 Pentagon Attack: A Closer Look/World Trade Center Attacks.

Its unfortunate that those who are responsible for all the lives lost on 9/11 will never go to jail.



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