Alleluia Sista Linda "but this must be done very very...

Rubens F. Titus - February 5 2008, 7:09 PM

Alleluia Sista Linda "but this must be done very very carefully and almost secretly, because if those who control your strings find out that you are trying to become more independent, they will do every nasty thing possible to derail the efforts.


I use the word 'politics' once to illustrate an aspect of cultural politics in our country and people start saying I wanna become president.

It's like what?

I am in the think-tank business for the general welfare of our agonizing mother Haiti.

People like me do not naturally run for office.

I have no folly of greatness nor the need for a tedeum at the port-au-prince basilica.

However, to think clearly I have to put myself in the shoes of a Haitian president or a Senator.

I am working on a parallel between the Greffrard's administration and the Duvalier's. The
similarities are surprising.

Frankly, in the kind of democracy I dream for Haiti
a president would have much much less power than the current constitution gives him/her. Much of the power would sit in the hands of the Senate or would be delegated to regional elected officials.



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