Mark, your comment "the problem with Haiti and most other...

Linda - February 5 2008, 9:18 AM

Mark, your comment "the problem with Haiti and most other black republics is that they are too reliant on countries like the US for aid. As long as we are dependent on them for our most basic needs they will always be in a position to tell what to do. We need to be a little more self-reliant" nails it. It is in fact a core historical reality that nations that have relied on US or British support have always ended up at war or dirt poor. (That is not necessarily the case for countries allied with other major powers).

Either way, a while back I wrote several pieces on the strategy of self reliance.

I gave specific examples of countries that developed healthily once they became more self sufficient.

Until Haiti does the same--in a smart, careful, and well planned way--we will always be at the mercy of fundamentally racist white Americans.

Before I get all sorts of nasty answers, let me just say that I am not saying that white Americans are all going around acting like the KKK, but the reality is that because of the way the society is set up, every white American at their subconscious level feels superior to all blacks.

Many are not even aware of their own racism, but the whole US cultural mechanism functions in a way to generate white superiority.

So the interest of a none black nation will never take priority for them, and anything that seems to take a nation out of the subservient context will be suspect and aggressively attacked.

The only way to get out from under is to find ways to become self reliant, but this must be done very very carefully and almost secretly, because if those who control your strings find out that you are trying to become more independent, they will do every nasty thing possible to derail the efforts.

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