Anger The Emotion In Response To Frustration

Lionne Club - January 31 2008, 3:53 PM

Anger is the feeling, the emotion that humans have in response to frustration or injury.

There different types of anger and they can have a unique effect on your body, mind, and spirit for anger activates the sympathetic nervous system.

1. Latent Anger is anger that has been repressed to an unconscious level.

People with Latent Anger usually do not feel passionate about anything or have differing views to others.

They are usually happy to please others and not themselves.

They carry this pattern of behavior since childhood.

Latent Anger is often one of many underlying issues in Chronic Depression.

On the other hand, Manifest Anger is very obvious Anger.

A person with Manifest Anger is aware of his/her anger issues and will be prone to regular outbursts of anger no matter whether the setting is an appropriate place or not. Manifest anger can be transient or chronic.

.1. Transient anger is normal, appropriate emotion and dissolves in a short space of time usually.

Chronic anger however can be Pathological: it can contribute to physical illness, and tends to envelop the person's life. It can be Excessive: for instance the response out-weighs the issue (over-reaction) Irrational: no reasonable or logical idea or association for the anger.

People with chronic anger are Impatient, are constantly hurrying, and Speaking in a harsh & abrupt manner.

They demonstrate Egotistical and self-centered behavior, They are also unable to relax readily, and they are Verbally aggressive most of the time.
Anger and Gender Differences: Boys have far more temper tantrums than girls and their tantrums last longer.

Boys and men, in general, recover from an irritating experience more slowly than females, partly because they have stronger physiological reactions to frustration than women.

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