I tend to agree with Rubens. Nigeria is a perfect example of a...

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I tend to agree with Rubens.

Nigeria is a perfect example of a country rich in oil and the majority of the population still live in porverty, the government is profiting while their health is deteriorating.

Shell has a partnership with the government to supress any grass roots activists demanding some health benefits for the villagers where the oil is being extracted 24hous a day. A quote: "Although oil from Ogoniland has provided approximately $30 billion to the economy of Nigeria1, the people of Ogoni see little to nothing from their contribution to Shell's pocketbook.

Emanuel Nnadozie, writing of the contributions of oil to the national economy of Nigeria, observed "Oil is a curse which means only poverty, hunger, disease and exploitation" for those living in oil producing areas2.

Shell has done next to nothing to help Ogoni" Oil production in Nigeria has had severe environmental and
human consequences for the indigenous peoples who inhabit the areas
surrounding oil extraction.

Nigeria's export of 12 million barrels
of oil a day comes from 12% of the country's land, and indigenous
minority communities in these areas receive no economic benefits.

Development strategies focused on increasing foreign investments in
Nigeria's oil industry to boost exports have not caused overall

The revenue gained has helped to benefit foreign
nations and Nigerian government elites more than native

Indigenous groups are actually further impoverished
due to environmental degradation from oil production and the lack
of adequate regulations on multinational companies, as they become
more vulnerable to food shortages, health hazards, loss of land,
pollution, forced migration and unemployment." Oil companies want the country to invest in oil refineries to boost their oil production leaving that same country and its people a small amount of money for development.

Once the corrupt officials get their share, theres is usually nothing left. The same thing might happen to Haiti if we do not elect educated visionaries to office.


Lionne, January 30 2008, 2:31 PM

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I tend to agree with Rubens. Nigeria is a perfect example of a country rich in oil and the majority of the population... read more >
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