Linda, Yes I am aware of private companies generating...

Rubens F. Titus - January 29 2008, 11:25 PM

Linda, Yes I am aware of private companies generating electricity and selling it back to the state of Haiti but they are illegal.

There is no law that legalized their existence on Haitian soil that I am aware of. (sorry I had to put that out there).

In fact, if privatization is already in full swing let us make it official.

When it comes to 85% of the Haitian people not being able to afford electricity after privatization that's a myth. They said the same thing about wireless phones - soon they will be over 1.5 millions wireless users back home. And they find the money to pay somehow.

I am not worried about the elite and people who can provide their own electricity- Actually it is a very sad situation that people have acid batteries in their houses and inverters too. That's a sign of survival, that's all. It should become a accepted way of life. And off course leaking batteries everywhere is killing the environment.

Besides, the scientific evidence shows that individuals producing their own electricity by conventional means spend 2.5 more resources than purchasing electricity from an electric power company.

These hotels with their generators running all day spewing plume of black smoke is killing the Haitian people.

To be exact, I know personnaly Villa Creole would rather purchase electricity from a power company that running their own diesel generators.

So every one producing their own electricity is not a good thing for my country, it may be survival but it is not good.


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