RE: Qualified Teachers Or Electricity For The Mass

Linda Says...

Rubens, I look at human progress as basic survival needs needing to be met first and the rest later.

Education is part of the rest. It is necessary for progress, but only after the necessary needs have been met. Necessary needs include water, food, shelter.

In today's world normal shelter includes electricity.

I get that you want to privatize electricity, but that's already the case in Haiti.

Most of the elite have electricity 24/20. Everywhere I stayed in this last trip, the people had their own inverters and delco, so that they never felt the lack of electricity.

There are also companies providing private electricity right now in Haiti, but the poor simply cannot afford their prices.

Hence, privatization does not help the 85% of the population who cannot afford the prices that any company wishing to make a profit need to ask for their services.

As an educator, I think education is very important; just not as important as those basic things listed above.

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