Cap Haitien Alternative Route Via Plateau Central

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In a recent speech, President rene preval memtioned that the road from Hinche to Port au Price is currently being worked on, soon they will also build the road that leads from Hinche to Cap Haitien.

This way, Preval said, you can drive from Port au prince to Cap Haitien straight through the plateau central.

It's really a straight route from Port-au-prince to Mirebalais, Hinche, Saint Raphael, then to Cap Haitien.

Look at any map it makes more sense.

President Preval, fini rout la avan ou remet pouvwa wi frem.

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this road is long over will bring changes to an area of the country that has long been neglected and... read more >
Dr Rony Jeanmary, 29-Jan-08 1:32 pm


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