Aristide and Preval are worse than the Duvaliers

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Everybody knows that the Duvaliers were dictators.You could not speak freely but you could go out anytime day or night.

There was security in the country.

Even we did not like the tonton macoutes, they were the ones who were working hard to secure the country.

The Haitian people were better off under the Duvaliers' regime.

People were working: there were numerous jobs in the manufactures.

The Cite soleil residents were peaceful.

Kidnapping was not a common activity.

People were good citizen not chimeres.

Agriculture was prosperous, there was enough food in the country.

Children could go to school.

Women were respected not raped.

At the beginning we were like you, believing that Aristide and Preval could change the country.

We believed they were democrats.

We believed they were going to work to change the country.

But we have been disappointed by their early actions: Père Lebrun, killings, torturing and intimidation for their opponents.

Everybody has in mind what happened in front of The Legislative Palace that day when Preval as Prime Minister of Aristide was facing a non confidence vote for his ineffectiveness.

It was not a democratic manifestation.

Remember that female police who was tortured, raped and killed by the chimeres working for Aristide.You would tell me democracy was in action.

You may remember a prominent female lawyer named Mireille Durocher Bertin: she was killed in broad day light by the chimeres acting in behalf of Aristide.

Preval should remember Pastor Leroy, Jean Dominique, Père Ti Jean, We do not have enough time and space to put all the names.Anyway, under a so-called democratic government, people were scared to express themselves freely, peole were scared to participate in political activities if they were not lafanmi lavalas.

So what kind of democracy you are talking about?

Perahps the Père Lebrun Democracy or "Naje pou'n sòti" Democracy.

Ofive, November 14 2006, 5:14 PM

Topic: Haiti Cherie vivras-tu avec Aristide et Preval

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