Hi Samuel; I'm the child of one of those Haitians that...

Linda - January 27 2008, 8:40 PM

Hi Samuel; I'm the child of one of those Haitians that Duvalier drove out. I went to Haiti for the first time when I was in High school, after Duvalier the father died. I have since gone back many times.

Although I speak English better than most Harvard educated Americans, I also speak French like the old upper class Haitians used to, and I learned to speak Creole when I went back as an adult.

I consider that I am culturally really half American and half Haitian.

I love my Haitian culture better and take great pride in it. I have some very good Haitian friends.

As an adult, I lived in Haiti for four years.

I have gone back many times for research on Haitian culture and history.

I have been there when things were really bad and Haitians were running out. I have slept in the shacks with the peasants and in the wealthiest houses with my friends.

I love Haiti.

Right now, my knowledge, years of study, and experience are being used to teach mostly little rich American college kids. I love them and love my work, but I would prefer to be doing something for my country.However, I will not go back because I don't see what I could do if I did go back, but also why would I want to go back to a country that denies me my citizenship.

Most other countries in the world offer double citizenship to people who were born in the country; Haiti does not. Haiti needs to move into the twenty first century in more ways than one.

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