It seems some of you do not understand metaphors. My family...

Mike - January 25 2008, 2:30 PM

It seems some of you do not understand metaphors.

My family contribute a lot more than a lot of you who answered this post. It seems that its never enough.

I gave so much of my personal money away to street beggars I had to charge a cup of coffee at the airport.

This one fellow tried to rob me at the airport, he was reaching for my wallet when I turned around to look at him, he mumbled he needed a passport in creole and walked away. He did not realized nor cared how much problems he would have caused me and the time and money lost to acquire another passport.

I would have canceled the credit cards right away. Why do you post under such weird names?

is that Danto some type of voudou name or something.

I do not intend to leave in Haiti after my parents die. I prefer stability and the good things in life. Like my filet mignon for instance.

That's my last post about this discussion.

Maybe I read the post too fast.

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