Hi Mike, Nobody here is denying these problems you've...

Kokomakak - January 25 2008, 6:39 AM

Hi Mike,
Nobody here is denying these problems you've mentioned.

That would be exceptionally ridiculous to say there is no such problems there.

Again, you left the discussion course and address other subjects.

We were not talking about constitutional amendment and other topics here, sanitary condition, beggars at the airport, or any other problems here. The debate is about positive thing said about the government effort to solve some problems and some achivement.

Someone who just happened to join the discussion may think we are in denial of our problems.

What we trying to say is that: there is some progress being made in certain areas and that we must recognize that and encourage those responsible for such little progress, so they can keep on building on them to achieve solid and durable success.

We say people should not be upset toward others who recognize there is some improvement being made little by little.

We are not fooling anyone.

Good for you. you went to Haiti.

But do not expect to see the country to look decent overnight, it take time, patience, money, ingenuity, motivation, willingness to change, cooperate, participate etc to eliminate or maybe reduce the level of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and improve the quality of live of every Haitian.

All we are saying is to recognize the government efforts towards achievement as little as they seem. because that give us hope that real change can be made and it take guts to make them happen.

Bro, keep enjoying your fillet mignon in Uncle Sam's house, that uncle you despise so much, but you like to stay in his house anyway because of good crumbs falling from his table.

Me and the other you hate so much, we will continue enjoying our local food, proud of our roots and never we will degrade our country and compare it to "vlin Viande".

If the country is now "vlin Viande" that's is our fault.

What are you doing beside criticizing and degrading to improve the condition of our country.

Do you at least support a little cousin or a neighbor, or pay for someone education?

do you support a church, an orphanage, or humanitarian organization in Haiti.

Do you stop bribing the voracious and corrupt officials?

What is your contribution?

By the way, leave Danto alone.

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