Well Lionne, Haiti needs to start somewhere, We've got an...

Christian Jr Mcnally - January 24 2008, 11:20 PM

Well Lionne, Haiti needs to start somewhere, We've got an airport that brings money, we've got a shipping yard that makes money, we've got a motor vehicle department that makes money, we've got a department of electricity that collects money and hardly gives the electricity.

We're paying for a blackout.

The department of water collects money and doesn't give the water.

Immigration/contribution, all those departments that I mentioned are making money.

These are the same kind of offices other countries have. The government will use the leftovers to invest in the people and in the country.

Every time a leader leaves the country in exile, in the grape vine you'll hear they took so much money with them, meaning Haiti has beaucoup d'argent.

Don't let them fool you. Besides, it doesn't take that much to build roads and to maintain them, and
to keep nice smooth and clean streets.

Those basic things must be done for nature's sake. It's our home and our people.

Enough is enough.

For example, some of my friends send 40 ft. containers in the country, These friends pay over $4.000.00-$10.000.00 US to get their stuff out. OK, hundreds of people are doing this all year round.

Where does all the money go?

What do they do with it?

The corruption that's going on in the country makes it unstable.

They don't even want to put portable toilets in the country for people to use in an emergency.

Haiti is naturally beautiful.

I hope someday for Haiti to find someone who's proud of being Haitien who's not going to leave it after serving their time. A brave man, a real man, to have love, compassion, determination and a vision of progress for this great country and his people.

Mr Preval, may the force be with you.

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