Mike, there is no reason to start a fight with you. First of...

Mayi Moulin Ak Zaboka - January 24 2008, 2:37 AM

Mike, there is no reason to start a fight with you. First of all you do not know how to read! I did say that I visited Nicaragua,(and many more countries) not only last year but several times.

Read the post again.

You are one of those who are deeply entrenched in negativism and pessimism.

It seems you can not focus on a discussion with open mind. We were not talking about Bush, Muslim, Tri-border, The question was about political progress in Haiti.And despite your nasty objection, haiti is making some progress, nos as fast as we would like. Ti Tonton, there is nothing wrong if I am fed with Mayi Moulin ak Zaboka, and had plenty of it.I am not engaging in that kind of discussion with you.I am proud to be Haitian, I enjoy eating mayi moulin ak zaboka, and nothing wrong with that. I never forget my roots.

I think you enjoy Macdonald, BK and the other fast food filled with hormones.

No wonder...

why you have a problem with haitian food, and yet you hate America, but love its junk food!.

I am proud to be a man who can see sign of progress.

I am confident, one day Haiti, like the sphynx of the legend will rise from the ashes.

I will support anyone is trying to put the country back on its feet. Would you be proud to hear something good about your country once in awhile?

By the way, please do not waste your time bashing the country where you reside, and work. You can not "sit on leather and yet, say evil things about cows".

( ou chita sou kui, w'ap pale bef mal) Ingrat! You would be pleased to see America falling financially, without thinkink about the consequences on everyone of us. You can not wait to see that happen! Keep on eating your filet mignon, the kind we flushed down the toilet! You should be ashamed of yourself to compare Haiti to "vlin viande" and hope it finds a donnor when America financially collapse.Only a fool, or a brain-dead individual would think that way. You are not only deprived of common sens and dignity, you are also blind and arrogant.

There is no reason to give a candle to a blind man, he will still be in the dark. Blind, and stupid people like you do not deserve any attention.

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