Come on now! whenever a 'western organization, or news paper...

Mayi Moulin Ak Zaboka - January 23 2008, 4:59 PM

Come on now! whenever a 'western organization, or news paper" said something bad about Haiti, we are all upset.

If they say something good about us a few sceptic like you see otherwise.

It seems we do not know what we want. Haiti have made some progress toward political freedom recently.

We can criticise the government, vote for whom we want to, and or fear. There is a degree of political tolerance in the country.

Underthe Duvalier's administration, we did not enjoy such freedom.

Our journalists enjoy greater freedom today.

Look, even on this site, we say sometime horrible thing about the government, truths or lies, their is no fear. I had the chance to visit Nicaragua last December, I wonder if this country is not even poorer that Haiti.

I was in Kingston, Jamaica last fall, the crime rate is way higher than PaP. Haiti today.

when can appreciate a positive comment sometimes.

The governmemnt is fighting coruption and was recognized for its effort by the international community.

Haiti is no longer the most corrupt country in the world.

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